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Distance work is hardly something new and has for many years struggled in strong headwinds with expensive solutions and a fairly widespread mistrust from management. In practice, only those who really need have the opportunity. And then came the pandemic, the telework suddenly made a real restart and meetings via Teams and Zoom became a new everyday for many.

But the traditional digital meeting tools are not the optimal one for those who regularly work remotely. They are clumsy, cumbersome, often require substantial training and are simply not enough. It’s time to take a new step with new smarter tools.

The new smarter tools are based on the computer game world with the goal of creating virtual spaces where you try to emulate the physical environments as much as possible. Unlike the static screen in Teams or Zoom, you move digitally through the office landscape and “meet” colleagues or participate in meetings or events by “going there”.

We have evaluated a number of the new services and can warmly recommend Teamflow, we were actually really impressed by their easy-to-work and cost-effective solution. They have a lot of heavy customers in their portfolio such as Apple, Reddit, Uber, Shopify, Autodesk, Netflix and Atlassian to name a few.

Teamflow works well in a browser but their desktop app is recommended. No expensive equipment is needed, the same video and audio stuff used for Teams and Zoom is enough.

The requirements for the internet connection are surprisingly small, we tested their example with 8 participants on a 2Mbps connection which corresponds to a 3G (3G HSPA+) mobile which was acceptable, with a 4G router it worked perfectly with capacity over for other internet traffic as well.

Interesting? Here you will find more info about Teamflow.

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