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Schuetten Consulting AB Ltd (SCAB) is an Åland IT consulting company with a focus on management, cyber security, system development and cloud services. We work at senior/expert level, often as advisors and in supportive tasks. The business started in 2015, our customers are mainly in the Nordic countries but also further out in the world.

Our business concept is to add IT knowledge and experience to the management of small and medium-sized businesses as a hired senior IT leader.

In addition to the consulting services offered, SCAB has also created the ANON::form service, which offers super-secure web forms with E2EE and anonymisation. The service is primarily aimed at companies and organizations that are affected by the new EU legislation on whistleblowers, but is also recommended as a contact form that handles sensitive information. ANON::form has been its own company since the autumn of 2021 with the same owners as SCAB.

We who work in and run SCAB:

Erik Schütten

Erik Schütten

CEO, founding partner, board member

Erik is a IT engineer with a broad technical background from industry and shipping and has also worked with security in both military and civilian activities. In the mid-1990s, Erik switched as a contractor to pure IT operations and supplemented his education with 4 years of university studies in systems science and entrepreneurship. Erik has had his base in SCAB since 2015, but has been involved in starting and in senior leadership roles running several successful IT companies, also internationally.

Mia Schütten

Mia Schütten

CFO, founding partner, chairman of the board

Mia has a mercantile education and is also trained as an agrologist and has a background as a bank clerk, animal breeding consultant, agency/payroll secretary and accountant. Mia has also had board and accounting assignments in several of the businesses Erik has been involved in and started.

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