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Systems development

Digitization of the business often means that different systems must be adapted and integrated with each other. In some cases, completely new software is needed in the form of interfaces between the systems, or even entire applications. Systems development is thus a very important part of the digitization work.

As a customer, however, you rarely have any resources of your own to conduct system development and you instead end up hiring external consultants as project managers or developers who will then collaborate with the digital solutions’ own staff.

We have extensive experience of system development at all levels, from requirements to project management, systemization, testing and commissioning using the usual development methodologies that exist on the market. In addition to this, we have extensive experience of server systems and networks, the platform on which the digital systems will run.

And of course we have an eye on the security part, something that should be included from day one in the project but still often receives far too little attention in system development.

As a client and project owner, you have a very great need for your own in-house expertise at several different levels in order to successfully run digitization projects, which is often lacking in the organization. We offer help at the management level with everything from supporting the project management and the management team to joining as a hired leader or expert in the project.

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