NEW! Now we are launching MÖTE.AX

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MÖTE.AX is the perfect tool for you who need to book meetings with people outside your organization with online registration of meeting attendance. The service is perfect for the public sector, but can of course be used in all types of organizations.

 Platform independent and responsive; works with all existing email-supported calendar systems and with all types of screen sizes, everything from computer to smartphone. The perfect solution when you have to invite people outside your office network.

 Manages meeting attendance; forget difficult-to-interpret checklists on paper, let your meeting participants register their attendance with their mobile phone including route and number of fellow travelers, then download all attendance registrations in list form to e.g. Excel or as PDF.

 Multi-user technology provides more efficiency; all administrators can work with all parts, invite and let others manage meetings and attendance registrations without having to involve IT support and tricky settings.

 Supports anonymous invitations; protect the privacy of your invitees by not attaching the full list of all invitees in the meeting invitation, which is a default that cannot be turned off in the standard calendar systems.

 Safe; the service is built on the same secure platform as Anonform’s whistleblower service and is operated on servers in Finland, MÖTE.AX fully meets all GDPR requirements and other related legislation.

 Free! We offer an organization account with a maximum of 3 users and an unlimited number of meetings. Register a new account via our online form and familiarize yourself with the service in peace and quiet before you start paying for more users. Or keep the account as it is if it is sufficient for your needs.

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