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Virtualization has many advantages in comparison with IT operation of own servers and infrastructure in own or rented server room. For example, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is flexible, cost-effective, accessible and can be deployed anywhere in the world. A small VPS for the website, web-based customer service or sales, etc is also becoming an increasingly popular replacement for the traditional web hosts.

At the same time, it can be stated that the range of virtualized services is enormous and that the quality varies greatly, which makes it difficult to navigate even for hardened industry experts.

We at SCAB have been active in the industry for over 30 years and have very extensive experience of server hosting, outsourcing, co-location, data operation, ASP, service providers, cloud services and virtual office environments. We know how to build and operate a virtualized environment in the right way, it is to us you should turn if you are quality and safety conscious.

We only work with selected suppliers that we have collaborated and worked with for a long time and can offer a complete cost-effective service, everything from domain registration and operation, server certificates and installation and operation of VPS and all other types of virtualizations.

You choose at which level you want to use our services. We can do everything from being a complete supplier where we take care of all the technical and run it in our own accounts, to installations where we do the work but in your accounts (which we can create for you), to project management where your staff does the job itself, or for consultations and advice only. Get in touch and discuss your special needs!

NOTE! All prices listed below are only examples given without VAT and should not be interpreted as a quote or offer, only indicative to describe the price picture you can expect from us. Always request a quote based on your special needs and specification.

Domain registration; our suppliers always offer a control panel for self-service, which gives you full control over your domain without the need to contact anyone during office hours, and the opportunity to register all existing top-level domains at favorable prices.

We can also supplement with DNS services for slightly more special needs such as complexity, PoP (Points of Presence), DNS failover, SLA, API etc.

Price ex for a “.ax” domain, 32€/year incl domain operation with services for the most common needs + our one-time fee to register the domain and install it according to your wishes.

Certificate; we offer all types of certificates for encrypted traffic, encrypted e-mail or identification, from all certificate providers, at a very competitive price.

If your needs are not so great for your website, we can install LetsEncrypt’s SSL free certificate in your server with automatic updating, also wildcard certificate if you use several addresses on the same domain (address1.min.dom, address2.min .dom etc.). Always have SSL (https) on your website!

NOTE! We also offer SSL free certificate with automatic update from Norwegian Buypass AS if you would rather have a European supplier. However, they do not offer wildcard certificates in the free version.

Prices from $8/year for single-domain certificates from Comodo, $34/year for wildcard certificates from AlphaSSL or $36/year for multi-domain certificates from Comodo. Or if you want the best for your webshop; Buypass SSL Evident Certificate, from 240€/year. We charge a one-time fee for the purchase and handling of the certificate.

VPS (Virtual Private Server); we work mainly with OVH and Hetzner who are certified (ISO / IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, 27701), meet the requirements of the GDPR, use green energy and offer very good and reliable quality at surprisingly favorable prices. More than 30 data centers spread all over the world are also located in Finland.

In principle, everything can be virtualized, not just servers but the entire infrastructure, which is becoming increasingly common in small and medium-sized organizations as staff increasingly work from home.

Price ex for a small Linux web server (Nginx + PHP) with WordPress (technical installation, 2FA security) and SSL (https with LetsEncrypt or Buypass), Postfix mail server for outgoing traffic with support for digital signature of mail, DDos (overload protection), firewall ( protects the server), web application firewall (Modsec WAF, protects WordPress), active brute-force protection (Fail2Ban) and antivirus (ClamAV, free). Data center in Finland.

  1. “Key in hand” one-time installation cost from 400€. You take care of yourself or hire someone to take care of the operation and maintenance.
  2. VPS rental cost 3.49€/month (2 vCPU, 2Gb RAM, 40Gb SSD HD, 20Tb outgoing traffic, unlimited incoming traffic), possibility of snapshot (0.01€/GB/month) and automatic backup (7 versions, 20% of VPS priced).
  3. Technical installation of WordPress is included, we also offer help with customizations and themes according to a special quote.

Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace; get yourself a professional virtual office environment without the cumbersome and expensive operation of your own e-mail and document servers and expensive office applications. We help you set it all up, move your current business and also administer it for you if you want to avoid that part as well, request a quote.

Price ex Microsoft 365 Business Basic (online version) 4.20€/user/month or Microsoft 365 Business Standard (incl. Office apps) 10.50€/user/month. You can of course use your own domain at no extra cost.

NOTE! We recommend that you use Microsoft’s and Google’s services in their own operation as this is most advantageous in the long run and also ensures that everything is up to date and that security really works. There are good 3-party suppliers out there, but unfortunately also many bad ones.

Secure email; Although Microsoft’s and Google’s services can be considered secure enough for the usual daily tasks, they are by no means secure enough when it comes to particularly sensitive information that is covered by the GDPR or deals with trade secrets. For these purposes, a special level of security is needed where all e-mails are already encrypted in the e-mail client before they leave your computer.

We have long specialized in cybersecurity and can create secure solutions also when it comes to your e-mail communication. We use Open Source services with PGP encryption in our solutions, which in addition to being the most secure way to create secure solutions as the source code is open and can be reviewed by anyone, also provides very cost-effective solutions that are often even completely free to use.

Read more about this on our special secure e-mail website.

Virtualization is suitable for almost all types of business and can also be used in environments where local infrastructure is required for certain parts. Virtualization is, used correctly, cost-effective and secure. We help you big and small, contact us today and discuss your special needs!