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Interim Manager

Interim Management is about solving temporary, often quickly arising, needs with experienced consultants and is the perfect solution for you who need a temporary leader or specialist in times of change, during a recruitment, for a project or a planned or unplanned absence.

Entrust your IT business to us!

Depending on your needs, we can replace, supplement or coach your managers in the short or long term. We have more than 30 years of practical experience in a wide range of functions in the IT industry, also in international operations and from industry and shipping.

We can usually be on site within a few days for project-based assignments or within a week or so for a longer-term replacement, full-time or part-time. We have experience of how to quickly get into a new organization and do not need a long run-in period.

TIP! Do you need more IT skills in the board or management team? We have extensive experience of such assignments and are happy to help.

TIP! Is your business too small to hire a full-time IT manager or specialist? Then an Interim Manager can be the solution.

TIP! Are you going to start a new company but lack IT skills? We have extensive experience of working as an IT manager/responsible resource in completely new companies until a permanent IT manager can be hired. We then usually enter as co-owners as compensation for our work.

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