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It is becoming increasingly important to have security in place on the website, no matter what you publish. Unlike before, when hacking was manual work and the attack targets were large players who could pay for themselves, most things today are completely automated and sweep over both large and small. Sleep better, quickly test your website security.

The goal is no longer to only find a victim who pays, but also to find and take over server resources, steal data and create points of spread of malicious code. All websites, without exception, are targets for intrusion attempts, 24/7/365.

Regardless of whether you run a website server yourself or purchase it as a service, you are responsible for your website. A first important step to a good night’s sleep is to buy our quick test of your website.

With our quick test, you get a report with a clear and distinct picture of what your website’s security looks like, any warnings and tangible tips and advice on how you can improve security. Or you will find out that everything is perfectly ok.

Because it is a quick test, we do not make any intrusion attempts (penetration), deep scanning of your equipment or everything else that belongs to it. But a quick test still goes a long way in most contexts.

The quick test costs only 45 € ex VAT (24%) per website and you order it here.

Note! You get to answer some important questions, we take care of the rest. The form is secure, all info is already encrypted in your browser (E2EE) before it is sent to us. Do not enter any sensitive information such as username or password in the form.

If you want to test more websites, place a new order for each website.

Contact us via our standard contact form if you want to ask something or are interested in other services from us, we will then contact you in a suitable way.