E-signing – time-saving and cost-effective in the right way

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Although e-signing is becoming increasingly popular, many, especially smaller organizations, find that the technology is still expensive and difficult for everyone involved. Instead, they choose to continue creating agreements etc. digitally in the computer and send this to the counterparty who prints, signs, scans and sends it back. Something that above all takes time but can also create problems if, for example, the other party lacks a scanner.

We are now pleased to offer a solution that everyone can afford, only €5/month/user with an unlimited number of signatures and signers (yes, you read that right) and which is super easy to use without the requirement that everyone who e-signs must have an account in the signing service or even log in.

The service works equally well for small (one-person) to large organizations that want a simple and cost-effective solution. It is possible to create teams with several users in the same account, you only pay per active user. You don’t need to install anything, everything happens via the browser (also on mobile) and e-mail.

The service uses AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List) and meets the requirements of GDPR (servers in Finland), eIDAS (EU) and ESIGN (USA). Electronic signatures have the same legal status as handwritten signatures in the EU and the US thanks to eIDAS regulations and the ESIGN Act.

The service is available in Swedish, Finnish, English, German and Polish and can be used for all common agreements (such as commercial contracts, employment agreements, NDAs, meeting minutes, rental contracts, applications, etc.) that do not have any special requirements (such as the Money Laundering Act) which also requires a digital signature that is created, for example, with a private key on a certificate card.

Does this sound interesting? Then get in touch for more info and order; we help you get started for a small fee (the service is not produced by us, we provide it).