ANON::form appears in the media

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Our latest investment, the service ANON::form, is noticed in the Swedish magazine Aktuell Säkerhet (page 7, issue 5/2021).

We thank you for this and can state that the need for secure forms for the web is gaining increasing interest, not least in the work of creating secure reporting channels in accordance with the requirements of the forthcoming new law on whistleblowers, which must be implemented in all EU countries by December 2021.

ANON::form is a service that was developed by us during 2019-2021 and which now stands on its own two feet as the Åland company Anonform AB, with the business idea “To create and run a service for ultra-secure and anonymised html forms for companies and organizations who need secure communication”. The business is global and is aimed at all legal companies and organizations around the world that have their own website. Please visit the ANON::form website for more info.

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