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Secure webform

IT-security is becoming increasingly important and increasing resources are being invested in securing IT-systems. At the same time, it is common for the website’s contact and other forms to be forgotten in this security work if they are not part of a larger system used in the website. But you also need to protect your communication.

Given that the websites are constantly exposed to all sorts of attempts to steal sensitive info and/or plant malicious code, the website’s forms are particularly vulnerable when info from the forms is sent, which often takes the form of a completely unprotected email.

Anyone with the right tools can thus read about which customers get in touch and what they write to you, tips given to journalists or reports from whistleblowers. A lot of other important info is also stored in the web servers’ logs such as IP addresses, times and sometimes in fact entire messages in clear text. The logs are one of the main goals in successful burglaries.

We have often encountered this in our safety work with our customers and can state that the solutions available on the market are usually either substandard or too complex for this type of need. Therefore, in the spring of 2021, we ourselves have developed a completely new system, ANON::form, for extremely secure web forms which we are now rolling out.

ANON::form is secured by the content being encrypted already in the browser (E2EE) and thus sent directly from the visitor’s browser as an encrypted e-mail message. The message is then decrypted in the recipient’s email client. The service is operated on our own security-built servers located in Finland and Germany, they have all relevant logging turned off, which ensures that sensitive data can never fall into the wrong hands even if someone manages to break into the system.

ANON::form works for all types and sizes of organizations and is priced so that even small organizations can afford good security. Read more about the service on the website, you will also find a lot of useful information about encryption and secure e-mail traffic (written for you who are not an IT expert) which you will greatly benefit from in your other business.