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Change Management

It has become increasingly important for companies to have capable leaders who can also lead in change (Change Leadership) and who can identify hidden potentials both internally and externally, leaders who through their thinking can create more innovative and change-dynamic cultures.

It is a culture that is built on a scalable, dynamic structure that can accelerate and decelerate when needed. Being able to quickly adapt to new conditions is critical, and this capacity comes from the leadership of the company.

Co-creation is not just a cool buzzword that you can sometimes believe. You like to paste this in meetings where you brainstorm, but if you do not work with the process in the right way, and do not follow it up, there will be no co-creation either. A single meeting creates no potential but perhaps a pleasant moment. So what is the goal?

Change Leadership (CL) is a leadership, a leadership style, that focuses on the importance of improvement and adaptation to change. CL is extremely attractive to business partners and investors as these are usually leaders who are not afraid to go ahead or drive change. This can bring big profits. Such a leader works process-wise with ongoing co-creative activities and a constant flow of feedback from both employees and the outside world. It is a way of being, a leadership style and something that never ends because the world around us is changing rapidly.

CL is not the same as Change Management (CM). CM is about change management and is usually reactionary and can be seen as a linear process, with a single goal and preset control points. These are defined by change managers and implemented by relevant people.

CL, on the other hand, is about change leadership as a proactive approach to change management, where change is seen as an opportunity for growth and improvement rather than a final project. Change leaders create an inspiring vision and advocate that vision throughout the organization.

It is not easy to lead in change. On the contrary, it can be stressful in the beginning, especially if rapid changes occur in the outside world and the organization needs to turn around quickly. In a large organization, much of the responsibility rests with the HR department and in a small company, perhaps directly with the company manager’s direct support efforts.

We at SCAB have extensive experience of Change Leadership and are happy to help with everything from temporary consulting assignments such as CL/IT to advice, support and mentorship.

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